Appeal of Japanese Cuisine

Traditional Japanese cuisine, otherwise known as washoku, is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage with a history of more than a thousand years.
It embodies the soul of Japanese hospitality with its diverse and meticulous cooking methods that bring out the best of every ingredient, its consideration of nutritional balance for a healthy diet, and the visual artistry that expresses the beauty of all four seasons in a plate. It is our greatest pleasure to bring forth the bliss of savouring the seasons of Japan to Singapore.


Japanese Evangelist

A highly acclaimed chef with refined craftsmanship, Manabu Saito was engaged as the head chef of a long-established hotel in Hokkaido that is visited by VIPs from all over the world.
Boasting the title as the grand master of Japanese cuisine, Saito decided to come to Singapore out of his desire to share the appeals of traditional Japanese cuisine, which is recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.
Customers can look forward to trying out some Japanese cuisine born out of Saito’s creativity in a fine marriage of tradition and innovation using carefully selected ingredients.

The Chef

Finest Ingredients

Saito uses his professional experience and discerning eye to procure only the finest ingredients.
This ability is vital in Japanese cuisine where much emphasis is placed on seasonality and the ability to bring out the best of every ingredient.
Seasonal fruits and vegetables that are usually not easily obtained, as well as fish and meat of the highest quality, are procured from all over Japan.
The course meals offered are specially prepared every day in the careful and meticulous Japanese style.

Beauty of Four Seasons

The real charm of Japanese cuisine lies in the savouring of the four seasons.
This means to share the deliciousness of the four seasons of Japan with customers not only through the use of seasonal ingredients, but also taking into consideration the use of space, tableware and presentation.
Appreciate the detailed craftsmanship, like the meticulous knifework as well as the colours, smells and textures, that goes into every plate from the minute the food is served until the end of the meal.


Enjoy the traditional Japanese course meals that are available for both lunch and dinner that is specially created by Saito at Sushi Sei.

Omakase Sushi Kaiseki Course

「永」- Tokoshie -

Appetiser 4 dishes, Nigiri 10pcs and Dessert with Matcha


「焔」- Homura -

Appetiser 5 dishes, Nigiri 10pcs and Dessert with Matcha


Sushi Sei Special Sushi Kaiseki Course

「⼀期⼀会」- Ichigo Ichie -

Appetiser 6 dishes, Nigiri 10pcs and Dessert with Matcha


Sushi Sei Lunch

「Sushi Sei Omakase Nigiri」

Nigiri 12 pcs, Serve with clear soup


「Sushi Sei Omakase Premium Nigiri」

Nigiri 15 pcs, Serve with clear soup


Sushi Sei Take away

「Sushi Sei Bara Chirashi」


「Sushi Sei Nigiri (12pcs)」


「Sushi Sei Bowl - GOLD」


All prices are in SGD, subject to 10% Service Charge & Prevailing GST

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Lunch: 12:00-15:00 (Last seating at 13:30)
Dinner: 18:00-22:30 (Last seating at 20:30)

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